Impactful Passion

Have you ever felt conflicted about whether the thing you’re truly passionate about will make an impact? As impact-driven humans, we know you want to ensure your life is well utilised so we wanted to discuss something called the Effective Altruism movement. You may have heard of it, but if you haven’t Effective Altruism is all about answering one simple question:

“How can we use our resources to help others the most?” 

So rather than just doing what feels right or what you’re interested in, the movement uses evidence and careful analysis to find the very best causes to work on based on what’s happening in the world right now.

It’s a rigid and highly impactful approach to life. If you’re up for it, that’s epic. The Social Experiment has been considering a modification to this concept, Impactful Passion. Being effectively altruistic is a wonderful thing, but if you strictly follow the movement, you might miss out on the joy of doing something you are passionate about. Yet, doing what you’re passionate about might prevent you from making the most difference. Should we sacrifice doing what we love to make a difference? It’s a conundrum. And it’s actually entirely over to you to understand what your balance is. Use the reflaction below (reflection + action) to get an insight into where you sit.