The experiment.

The Social Experiment is a guided weekend experience that accelerates your power to tackle complex social and business issues through frameworks and methodologies such as design thinking, mindset and performance coaching and systems thinking. The format is completely unique and has caused remarkable results for over 200 people across 11 experiments.

Following the Experiment, you will gain:

  • A fervent desire to cause societal impact

  • A new concept of leadership and teamwork

  • Frameworks and methodologies to tackle complex issues beyond the Experiment

  • A network comprised of change makers and the leaders of tomorrow

  • An insight into personal “why” and inner purpose

  • Self-awareness and resilience

  • An understanding of fears, motivations and limiting beliefs

The Experiment takes place from 9am-7pm on a Saturday and Sunday, with lunch provided.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at