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Length: 5 weeks 

Dates: 16 September 2019 - 21 October 2019

Time Commitment: 1 hour call + 2 hours field work

Weekly Online Community Workshop: Every Monday 7-8pm NZT

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Are you ready to take your Social Experiment insights to the next level and create some magic?

Introducing Runway.

If you are a graduate of the Social Experiment, this program has been specifically designed for you. You will shift the needle on something important to you. Runway takes the philosophies from the Experiment along with unique new methods to ensure you become the leader you are, through living a life of action. 

Runway combines;

—   5 transformational new content modules, with video, worksheets and reflection questions to guide and advance your thinking

—   Weekly community calls to provide the chance to dig deeper with the support of trained facilitators and your kick ass community of game changers

—   A 24/7 online community group with accountability galore

Runway is a graduate-only program. If you’re not a graduate, learn more about the magic that is the Social Experiment here.

The Runway checklist:

[ ] You still have ideas for change floating around your head

[ ] You feel somewhat stuck or stagnant but still have a deep desire to create impact and step into your leadership influence

[ ] You are about to have or are currently in a life transition

[ ] You want to connect with and expand your Social Experiment community

[ ] You have a huge desire to create good in the world and you’re still not entirely sure how to do that

[ ] You’re curious about what’s possible when epic individuals come together over 5 weeks with a common purpose to be HUMANS IN ACTION

If you answered yes to any of the above, Runway is for you.

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Questions about Runway? We’d love to hear from you.